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In order to get heard, aspiring producers like us need to take care of SO much more than "just" making music.
Unless you're signed to a label (and even if you are...), you're not only responsible for the creation of tunes, but also must take care of distribution, promotion, booking, etc. Whilst this gives me total control over all my creative output on the one hand, I'm not a Jack of all trades on the other hand.
This is why I’m happy to be part of a network full of creative, supporting, awesome entrepreneurs that also can be of benefit for YOU! So, if YOU are a producer - and you’re looking for support on the following topics: contact me, I’m happy to share connections, know how and point of views. Cuz after all, sharing is caring - and to say it with Richard D. James' words:


Let’s think in possibilities.
Not in "can't do's".


The Music Pool Berlin is the place to go for musicians and people working in the music business that are living and working in Berlin. The Pool offers consultations and training by well reputated professionals from the national and international music biz. Robert, Eileen and Kirsten supplied me and many other upcoming musicians with know how and experience in various music-related fields. I owe them a shitload of insights and I can’t overemphasize their importance in the current Berlin Music landscape. So, if YOU should find yourself in a position of uncertainty: Don't just stand there and shout it, do something about it - and get in touch with them!
The Recordjet is my favorite audio content aggregator. I've tried various services over time, but they all had cons I was no longer willing to take. Jorin and his team convinced me with their great service and fair deal structure. So if YOU're wondering what service to go for when it comes to digital and physical distribution: Get on board of the Recordjet. want to make music...Well...For this you gotta have a feeling for the tune, you need (basic) music theory knowledge, you need to know how to mix (ask me or read about the partner below) and last but not least you need mastering for your track, because you want your masterpiece to sound strong and clear! I highly recommend and trust into the services of - and so can you!
Marc Mozart is the author of the award-winning book "Your Mix Sucks" - the producer's bible to learning mixing. His book saved me years of trial-and-error mixes. So if YOU're looking for a complete and wholistic guideline to make your mix shine: Get the book, it's SO worth it! En plus, he's sharing valuable insights on how aspiring produces actually can get heard on his Facebook-Page "Mixed by Marc Mozart".

The Strength in Numbers - in short: "Team SIN" is a free, weekly music producer meet-up. The core values: Friends / High fives / Challenges / Inclusivity / Learning / Community / Puns are the foundations of what Team SIN stands for. It's all about connecting with other music producers, working on music, talking about music, and learning from each other in a friendly and inclusive environment. Host and organizer Gaelan's semi-secret wish is that one day, "...people from all over the world come to Noize Fabrik just to join a Team SIN-Event". And I personally hope that this shout out to the world helps him reaching that goal. So whether YOU're a seasoned producer or a novice: Join in - you're invited!
Digital In Berlin is an independent culture agency, developing, curating and presenting unique event concepts and concerts. As a media partner, DiB supports selected events, concerts and festivals in Berlin - amongst other - my event: Traurig Und Untanzbar ;-)! So if YOU're looking for a media-platform to host news on your music, events, etc: Get in touch with DiB.


Lichtsignale is a Bureau for Design in Offenbach a Main (Rhyme). My bros have come up with my corporate design. They're also in charge of all programming (e.g. this site) and designs (e.g. for my Traurig Und Untanzbar event). So if YOU’re looking for designers that understand a musician's communication needs: Get in touch with Lichtsignale!
Jack Be Nimble is a Berlin based Bureau for Lighting and Design. They shape light, deliver creative and effective lighting concepts and needless to say: Me, as Tobias Lichtmann (=> Lightman), I feel closely connected to them. I feel inspired by aesthetic lighting in general which, to me, is integral part to good interior design anyway. There's a fair chance that JBNs lighting know how will spice up my events in the future...


The Hotel Ultra is way more than just a place named after a certain place showed in a certain video of a certain band. Located on east Berlin’s hottest interior design catwalks, the Hotel Ultra is a concept store for aesthetic interior design. AND en plus my beloved Hotel is home to Berlin’s nicest 80ies parties. So, if you enjoy design and like electronic synth music - check in at Hotel Ultra!
The Toast Hawaii is not just Germany's most infamous savoury-sweet snack-crime, it's ALSO Berlin's most daring event-location. Be it "Porno-Karaoke" or Burlesque-Revues, the circus-themend Bar & Club will leave you stunned (or shocked ;)) Having said that: Feel invited to drop by into obscure and funny wilderness of Toast Hawaii next time you're on the Bundeshauptdorf.
The Liquidrom is an urban thermal bath and home to my "Float With Depeche Mode" events. Particulary inviting is the unique architecture of the SPA building, which was developed on the basis of a circus tent. A special feature in the saltwater-pool is the classical or electronic underwater music. Various DJs such as me :-) add another USP to that unique venue. Bottom line: If YOU're keen on relaxing and floating: Dive by!

Super Special Stuff

My Skadi-Pals have created a range of tasty frozen cocktails. I repeat: FROZEN COCKTAILS. I feel that says it all. Be it summer, be it winter, I love my frozen Sex on the Beach whilst dropping tunes.